Company Profile

Coin Canada was established in 1986 to provide South-Western Ontario with an inexpensive and more efficient way to manage their coin and currency. In May of 2017 we have merged with our sister company London Gold Buyer Ltd and have become Coin Canada Ltd. We service all the leading transit, laundry, vending, car wash, fast food, and parking businesses in the region as well as anyone who handles a large amount of coin or currency.

Coin Canada Ltd is the only full service coin processor in South-Western Ontario. We offer a fully secured video monitored premises whereby a customer enters and unloads inside our plant. Your coin is handled by our professional, insured staff in front of your eyes. Your coin will be processed by our high-speed sorters and purchased from you while you wait. This process takes mere minutes and allows you to focus your time and energy on your core business. We offer a choice of reports ranging from lump sum totals to individual batching with description per denomination. For larger volume and industrial customers, coin can be picked up at your location or dropped off at Coin Canada to be processed and a cheque can be deposited next day into your account.

Coin Canada Ltd also offers a full float provision service for various institutional and retail operations. This service can be utilized by either our pick-up or delivery option or by delivering your funds directly to our secure facility.

When it comes to coin and currency, Coin Canada has it all wrapped up.